New additions

Willow had a pretty hard time with her babies. After going through the first stage of labour through the night she finally started having some action at 8.30 in the morning. I had been on the internet from 5am making sure everything was normal. I discovered a new blog after I'd assured myself everything was O.K.http://muppinstuff.typepad.com/my_weblog/ clicking here shold get you to it, there are some lovely garden photos you'll have to look for "rainy day gardening" as I havn't got the hang of linking to the right page. I was having a walk at the school when she popped out the first puppy, wishing I was still a smoker and enjoying a ciggerette to calm my nerves. I definatley wasn't a calm support person. She popped out 3 puppies o.k but was exhausted and rested for an hour then she got into trouble the vet was called (public holiday just my luck) and we raced her to town yelping. I think two were trying to come at once because she got one out at the vet then another one came 5 mins later. I nearly vomited and had to leave the scene. The X-ray revealed only one more to come and the cleaver wee girl did it on her own, despite it going blue all six of them survive at this stage. Whew. No more puppies my nerves can't handle it. What will I be like when my daughter has a baby? We're besotted with the babies and nothing much is getting done around here except baby gazing.

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