Fermenting again

 Over the summer holiday I have re-familiarised myself with the kitchen and put on weight in the process. I try really hard not to add cream, sour cream, cheese, wine or mayonnaise, but they taste so darn good. I've become quite the expert with crayfish mornay and mussel pies. I  have used the bread maker to make the dough for buns and pizza and we are very lucky that my Dads market garden provides us with  a wide range of fresh vegetables every day. We have also been making weekly trips to pick blueberries just down the road at Fuchsiadale.
So in saying all that a friend introduced me to kumbucha which is supposed to aid digestion and do all sorts of marvelous things for your body. I have to say I haven't noticed any health benefits but you never know it may be working wonders on the inside. I tastes a little like diluted, fizzy, sweet, cider vinegar. I quite like it for a nice cool summer drink. It didn't come with very good instructions but I scoured the net for the technique to grow it and I must be doing something right because it is multiplying fast. I'm not sure I could post a baby but if anyone in Nelson area wanted to pick one up I have one to spare. I also have some spare milk kefir grains which I could post within NZ. Just drop me a line.
Hope all my old gardening friends are enjoying their harvests!