Finding a balance

Crafting and gardening seem to have taken a back seat in my world for a couple of weeks and when I stop long enough to realise it I get a bit resentful. I like to keep busy and involved with my childrens activities, work and volunteering but it seems it's all out of balance again. With the arrival of my seed catologues and a warm spell I want to be gardening not filling out forms and making phone calls. In the evening I'd rather be sewing than working on assignments! I don't quite know how to tip the balance back again either because I like to finish what I have started and committed myself to. I may try setting myself sacred crafting/gardening days which work and volunteering will not interfere with. I found this bag while op shopping last week. It's such a cute and simple design, I'm going to replace the fabric cos it's pretty stained, then I might have a go with L's skill saw to make a few extra sets of handles. The challenge will be to scedule in that free day in which to give it a go. At least I know I'm not alone it seems to be a recurring theme amongst busy Mums. My daughter PJ revealed last week her new favorite colour is brown not pink or mauve any more like all the other 5 year old girls, yay for being unique! I made her the skirt this afternoon when the rain set in outside, she'll be able to wear it to school this week and I feel a whole lot better for getting something other than paper/computer work finished.


Yesterday to keep my mind off the dentist I whipped up a couple of shoulder bags for 2 friends who's birthdays are coming up, I didn't want to do anything too tricky as I was having trouble focussing. This pattern is so simple but the result is lovely. You can check out the tutorial here at Tiny Happy. Thanks Melissa for sharing such a neat pattern, I know my friends will love their presents and I'm going to make one for me too. In the evening the kids helped me fossick through the button tins to pick out the buttons. Skatey boy has a really good eye he chose them both. I could also refer to him as arty boy or sensitive boy he's very complex.The dentist went well, not too painful on my wallet and as I had braces as a kid the needles didn't freak me out too much. I was more scared of a root canal or them telling me the tooth needed to come out. I can't afford to loose any more, 4 came out for the braces when I was 12 and I had 4 wisdom teeth out after PJ was born, if I loose any more I'll have to mouli all my food. The dentist congratulated me on the overall good condition of my teeth and asked if I'd had flouride as a kid which we did. I immediatley felt like a rotton mother as I havn't given my kids flouride tablets or immunisations fearing unknown responces later in life and I've seen anaphilactic shock and it scared me so much. I often second guess myself on these descions and would be interested to know weather other young mums give flouride to their children and if not why not? Is there any research to suggest it's damaging?
My first day back at work today and I've lost my voice entirely. No I wasn't yelling too much! My cold developed into laryngitis. My workmates found it quite amusing it's really frustrated me and it better come back by tomorrw afternoon because I've got parent teacher interviews with the grumpy teen's English, Math and Science teachers. I need to find out what's up in English especially because it was one of his strongest subjects at primary school. He tells me he hates the teacher. Anyone got any home remedy's for a lost voice? I'm drinking allsorts of herb teas hoping I'll strike one that does the trick.


Mid winter break's over

I'm feeling revived after having a break from work. It's been very busy although not so productive on the craft or garden front. I've been visiting friends which always revives me. Everybody has their fires burning as we've had bitterly cold weather. It's quite alot colder than last winter. I had another frightening power bill which inspired me to put pots on top of our poxy woodburner in an effort to save some money. The water doesn't boil but it's hot enough to do the dishes in or warm up the bath or put in the kids hotties. If I won lotto this winter I'd put in a wetback fire or solar panels. Batts in the roof would probably help too. I can forget saving for it this year though as I need to visit the dentist tomorrow, I have a killer toothache! I've been sewing but only bags and booties which are my sure sellers. I'm dying to develop some new stock but feel like I havn't got time to sew things then change my mind, adjust patterns, rip seams etc. So I've stuck to things I can do in my sleep so to speak. For a couple of days my tooth was too sore for me to do anything other than feel sorry for myself, I read blogs those days and am delighted some bloggers who were having breaks are back on the scene.
My baby turned 2. The Red Head celebrated his birthday with his Granny fresh back from holiday in Australia. His volcabulary is really coming along now with his favorite phrase being " no I don't want to" and he's suddenly very intereseed in potty training, Yay.
I survived the first Aid course, no hairy fishermen or forestry workers which was actually a bit of a let down, after all I'd talked myself into it. The best part of the weekend was a visit to the fabric shop after the course and scoring a whole lot of fabric for $1 a metre.

The last few frosty fine days have been spent spreading a bit of hay. I was given enough to feed a horse but it had got wet and soggy so the horse's loss is my garden's gain! Willow is looking for mice under the compost cover. They pretty safe as long as they stay in the middle and she'll be amused for ages.