Yesterday to keep my mind off the dentist I whipped up a couple of shoulder bags for 2 friends who's birthdays are coming up, I didn't want to do anything too tricky as I was having trouble focussing. This pattern is so simple but the result is lovely. You can check out the tutorial here at Tiny Happy. Thanks Melissa for sharing such a neat pattern, I know my friends will love their presents and I'm going to make one for me too. In the evening the kids helped me fossick through the button tins to pick out the buttons. Skatey boy has a really good eye he chose them both. I could also refer to him as arty boy or sensitive boy he's very complex.The dentist went well, not too painful on my wallet and as I had braces as a kid the needles didn't freak me out too much. I was more scared of a root canal or them telling me the tooth needed to come out. I can't afford to loose any more, 4 came out for the braces when I was 12 and I had 4 wisdom teeth out after PJ was born, if I loose any more I'll have to mouli all my food. The dentist congratulated me on the overall good condition of my teeth and asked if I'd had flouride as a kid which we did. I immediatley felt like a rotton mother as I havn't given my kids flouride tablets or immunisations fearing unknown responces later in life and I've seen anaphilactic shock and it scared me so much. I often second guess myself on these descions and would be interested to know weather other young mums give flouride to their children and if not why not? Is there any research to suggest it's damaging?
My first day back at work today and I've lost my voice entirely. No I wasn't yelling too much! My cold developed into laryngitis. My workmates found it quite amusing it's really frustrated me and it better come back by tomorrw afternoon because I've got parent teacher interviews with the grumpy teen's English, Math and Science teachers. I need to find out what's up in English especially because it was one of his strongest subjects at primary school. He tells me he hates the teacher. Anyone got any home remedy's for a lost voice? I'm drinking allsorts of herb teas hoping I'll strike one that does the trick.


andsewtosleep said...

Hi Gill
I've 'borrowed ' that pattern from Melissa too, she is very talented. I love how yours have turned out - really lovely fabrics. I lost a very large filling on Monday and because we have such a shortage of dentists in my area I have to wait until Friday for an emergency appointment. Like you I'm dreading what they might have to do! Glad yours went OK. Mary

charlotte said...

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alisonmc said...

For a sore throat I grate some fresh ginger into a mug with crushed mint leaves, honey and fresh lemon juice then pour over hot water. Let it sit for a minute before you drink it. It works for me! The ginger can make it very spicy so you don't need much.

taimarie said...

Those bags are lovely! I've made one from Melissa's pattern too and love it. I was always loosing my voice at work (a music teachers nightmare!)but I never found a good solution- except to go on maternity leave!