Recent Holidays

My kids had a lovely midwinter school break.
Skatey boy probably had the holiday of a lifetime skiing in Wanaka with two school friends and then had some time on a farm in Christchurch. My friends generously gifted him the holiday, and he worked for a couple of days as a builder's apprentice to contribute to the costs. I'm very proud of him, the feedback I got from the family he stayed with was very complimentary.
While he was away it snowed in Motueka for the first time (my Uncle said ) since 1977! And I missed it too, as I was away with friends. The small kids made a big pile of snow on the trampoline and lit candles with Granny during the power cut, very exciting!Then we all got to enjoy the snow as a family at Rainbow ski field last weekend. The little kids took to skiing like ducks to water and Skatey showed me his newly acquired skills.
I went to ski school, but I was a bad student!