Just words for now

I'd prefer my blog to be a positive place that's why I havn't been here I guess. I've been away from my computer concentrating more on my kids who are missing their Dad and giving me a hard time. It's a real challenge not to snap back at them, we're all tired.
My beloved Bernina broke last week too, in the middle of the "Taste Tasman" sewing frenzi and a trip to the Bernina fix it man in Nelson only made me want a new Bernina which can sew leather without a walking foot. Dreams are free or so they say.
I'm making retro jam instead of sewing.
And I am celebrating the small triumphs. The "red head" has finally decided to do no. 2's on the toilet instead of on the grass or the carpet in the sunroom.. Yeeee haaaa fourth child nearly out of nappies!! I'm certainly a long way from where I began washing square naps in a stream whilst living in a 12 metre house bus on the West Coast.
-Slowly remembering to count my blessings.


Days like this.

A peaceful day was had here until 3 o'clock. I've been sewing for the Murchison A and P show. (remember plenty of water middle of nowhere) A and P shows are pretty old fashioned community shows. All ther farmers bring their best animals to be judged and the housewives bring their sewing, knitting, baking and bottling. When we were kids these were the best events of the year and now I quite enjoying entering, bit of a competitive spirit I guess. Murchision has a great selection of catergories and stiff competition. So here are a couple of entries from me for this year.

The same pattern as the skirt I showed a couple of weeks ago, except I sewed this one really carefully and hemmed it by hand.

These softies took most of the day to complete giving me new found respect for toy makers and the price of handmade toys. PJ came in from school while I was stuffing them and immediatley claimed the one on the left so the other one will go to the show. The pattern came from a new book in the public library simply titled "softies" and most of the patterns are from bloggers! Pairie mouse contributed the monkey and some other patterns in the book which I might just have to buy for myself because I don't want to give it back to the library.

Anyway as I was saying life was great until 3, I had watched Dr Phil and was feeling all calm and inspired to be a thoughtful Mum but dispite my best efforts the kids were determined to be grumpy and horrible all afternnon, grumbling and fighting til about 10 minutes ago when I sent some off to bed and some to have showers and do homework. I'm missing my partner, I havn't got anyone to back me up when I have afternoons like this. To top it all off, now instead of conversing with bloggers and searching for the ultimate piece of fabric on "Trade Me" that everyone else has over -looked, I will go and fold washing among other boring household chores and put myself on auto piolet til the weekend as the diary this week is full of things I don't really want to do but feel I have to. See you on the other side. (of the week I mean)


Remember fingerknitting?

I have offered PJ crochet, knitting and crafting oppourtunities alongside me for years but I'd completly forgotten about fingerknitting. She's acting like I do when I've got a craft project in motion, can't put it down and showing everyone. My neighbour who has three girls taught her how to do it yesterday and there has been a fingerknitting frenzy here since then, see the pile growing next to her. It's exciting to see her enjoying crafting stuff as much as I do!! I might have to keep an eye on my stash of wool though.


Beach bag.

The big kids have been away with friends this week so the two small ones and I have developed a routine that suits us all perfectly. Housework, sewing, knitting, gardening or visiting in the mornings. A wee nap for the children after lunch and the reward for not teasing or yelling at each other during the day is a trip to the beach about 10 mins from home. It's working so well I wish summer holidays could go on for weeks. Today I set about making myself a bigger beach bag, I was getting sick of carrying about 3 bags and one toddler down to the shade. It's big enough for towels, clothes, toys and food with 3 pockets in a row for keys, phone etc.

Watch this space for a bag giveaway soon.