Remember fingerknitting?

I have offered PJ crochet, knitting and crafting oppourtunities alongside me for years but I'd completly forgotten about fingerknitting. She's acting like I do when I've got a craft project in motion, can't put it down and showing everyone. My neighbour who has three girls taught her how to do it yesterday and there has been a fingerknitting frenzy here since then, see the pile growing next to her. It's exciting to see her enjoying crafting stuff as much as I do!! I might have to keep an eye on my stash of wool though.


Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Cool! I can't wait til I can teach Hannah - at this stage all she does is wander around with a ball of yarn and some needles knotted in telling us she is "knitting like mummy"

Anonymous said...

Same here, can't wait until the kids take interest in cooking, knitting etc.. Jannelle (Heart Felt) www.teatodtoad.typepad.com

andsewtosleep said...

Oh what a sweet photograph. I have taught my daughter (22) to knit about 4 times - but she keeps 'forgetting'. Perhaps I should try finger knitting with her? I love the beach bag.