Old letterbox

Something lovely arrived in my letterbox this week. I'll be busy for a couple of days.


Food supply

Time for a little seed saving.
Recently I have ventured back into the garden after a summer of mostly neglect. I'm hearing that alot of people have had that kind of season. It's been our season to nurture ourselves as a family, with trips to the beach, bike rides and making efforts to spend time with extended family . Natural disasters around the world however are making me mindful that we should never take things for granted, especially our food supply.
So with that thought in mind I'm back to the soil with renewed enthusiasm. I have some seedlings started and am busy clearing swathes of weeds which are going to seed in order to make way for the winter food crops. We'll have leeks, broccoli, celery, spinach, lettuce and cabbage fresh from the garden this winter if the season is favorable. I'm sure it's not too late to get all these seedlings into the garden. As well I'm planting peas, they survive quite well overwinter if they are a couple of inches high and it gives them a good little head start in spring. There are broad beans too, not my favorite vegetable, but they have planted themselves dropping out of their dried pods where I left the plants standing since the spring. There are millions of parsnips self seeded too, if only I could grow carrots as well as I grow parsnip. Coriander,radishes, nettle and chickweed are popping up everywhere so I guess it's not so bad to neglect the garden for a season. If I keep my eyes open and clear up carefully we'll have a good selection of nourishing food for the cold months.
My Skatey boy is initiating his own learning in the area of survival by finding role models to take him pig hunting and hopefully duck shooting soon. He experienced his first real pig hunt and kill last week so if push comes to shove we'll be right for meat too.
Just quietly though , I hope he goes for deer as well because I'm not very partial to wild pork.


Blatant self promotion

School holidays always spur me on to have a bit of a tidy up.
I've filled up my shop with some of my favorite bags and booties.
I hope to add a few newer creations later on this week.
Also on next weeks agenda:
Pj would like to make the doll for her princess and the pea mattresses which we made together a month ago. You will know the pattern I mean if you have the More Softies book.


Holiday near home

There is nothing wrong with having a holiday near home. We stayed only 30 minutes from our house and experienced the contrast of autumn near the beach for a school holiday getaway.Seaside negotiations with a 4 year old:
( Fill in the blanks)
"My baby starfish,
I found it down there under the rocks.
I want to take it home.
It can live in sea water,
we can put it in the bucket and take it home,
but it's my friend,
it's a baby.
No I don't want to put it back in the sea,
it can live with me in water.
Ok I can look at the photo when I miss him"
Seaside negotiations with a 13 year old:
(fill in the blanks)
" Mum look at me,
up here.
Look I'm higher now.
Nah I wanna go higher.
No it's not.
yeah but we're not at Playcentre."
Finally a last word from Mum
"Ok if YOU get out of the tree, and YOU put the starfish back we'll go say hi to the goats and feed the eels"


Tussah Silk

I want to win the "spinning a yarn" Tussah Silk! Thanks to http://spinayarn.felt.co.nz & www.blendy.co.nz You could have a chance to win too if you go here, but just so you know I'm feeling pretty lucky.


New Season accessories

The onset of the cooler weather is excuse enough for new accessories I think. Brown and black to suit the winter wardrobe. A "dapper day bag" the pattern from Sew Liberated by Meg McElwee. I omitted the piping ( too lazy and impatient to fiddle around with that), used lovely chocolate coloured leather for the gusset, strap and top of the bag and added an inside pocket with a zip so I can compartmentalise my stuff (separate my knitting from boring bits of paper like bills to pay)

Also for me, a new orange wallet because I like orange and wanted to make the "perfect" wallet that doesn't drop change, can accommodate receipts, allows me to quickly find my library card and coupon card with out having to search though dozens of compartments. I'm pleased to have found a use for some smaller bits of leather and fabric in this project. It' s only failing is that it doesn't hold a cheque book, but how often these days does one need a cheque book on hand?

I think it's spot on, so I have some to offer at the Mapua Easter Fair this weekend.

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