Our water

I know I've posted pumpkin pic's before but I just love their form. This one is my favorite to eat called "Marina de Choggia" absolutely delicious to roast or make soup with.
Immature butternuts, can't wait for them either!

Another great thing about pumpkins is that you don't really have to water them once they're established. Water is so precious here at the moment, our area has water restrictions in place and even though we had a bit of rain recently our bore ran out of water in the weekend sending me into a panic and then a bit of a tantrum at L to get the plumber in immediately. We held off until this morning though, the plumber had to blast out our well to unblock it and lengthen the pipe so hopefully that will do the trick. He did advise us to start saving to put down a new well. Yet again I feel frustrated that the local council and government don't give loans or subsidy's to install rain water tanks, solar power etc. SURELY it would be a good investment in the future. L and I are not at all in the position to install a rain water tank or sink a well. I did suggest we have a hose going from the washing machine straight to the garden, in fact I even tried stuffing a garden hose up the outlet pipe myself but the pressure just blew it out. L replies with lots of reasons why things can't be done (I know there must be a cheap way). I shall just have to carry on with the bucket line up for now. Lucky a lot of the garden just needs to ripen now so will not need too much water. At the height of my tantrum (picture 34 yr old pouting and stomping) I threatened to put the house on the market and look for one in Murchison. (plenty of water, middle of nowhere)


Old shed pics

Our old sheds.

Playing with black and white.


Wind and rain

We got our much needed rain today, a great excuse to do some sewing. Usually when I make things for myself they're too big or too small but this skirt was spot on. I only got the fabric yesterday, in a previous life it was a halterneck dress that didn't suit me at all. I over- looked it at first but when I didn't find any other goodies I bought it for $4. I'm so glad I did now cos I have heaps of tops it will go with.
I have to keep myself busy during storms because high winds really freak me out, the wind blew over my sunflower house and 3 out of 4 plots of corn but every thing else survived and is looking much better having had a good drink. I was very relieved when it stopped blowing that all our old sheds still had their roofs. I finished sewing up a woolly vest for the "red head" pity it won't fit him till he's four. That will teach me, I'm always too impatient to do a tension square.


Sunday afternoon

The setting was beautiful...We found a lovely spot in the shade and relaxed for the afternoon. The red head took the photos. I gave him the camera in desperation after he kept running off to the huge water slide. He is going to be a metal head I think, he rocked with his one fingered air guitar when young local mettlers were on. I just like people watching, can't help giggling at some peoples dancing but admit I'm too chicken to get up any more. Love seeing what people are wearing, came home with some ideas!
Enjoyed music by AJ.


I've been lurking around other blogs and not showing much energy or commitment to my own. I had a scary virus for about 2 weeks which made me very dizzy and tired. It freaked me out alot as I was on my own, thought I was going to fall, hit my head and die. I missed the usual sewing frenzy in the week leading up to the Pokororo fair but decided to go anyway as I felt slightly improved the day before. HUGE mistake, I arrived and set out my somewhat depleted stock while using every ounce of concentration not to fall over. There was a happy ending though, I went home to bed while a friend and my teen took over at the fair. It took 3 visits to the Dr. over the two weeks to determine that I was just suffering from a virus. Mum came over and cared for the kids while I lay on the bed imagining brain tumors and obscure diseases. Thank goodness it's over. Made me think though that I might have too much on my plate, I came very close to resigning from my job and am kind of hoping a clear path for the future will appear this year. I do tend to let fear of change stand in my way a bit.
Using the fence line for fruit: grapes, nectarine, nashi, raspberry, sunflowers, elderberries.

The garden is going nuts in the hot dry weather with lots of seeds and fruit swelling. Autumn and winter crops are being sown and I'm getting the urge to save things for winter. I made a start on the preserves with raspberry jam and plum sauce because they're easy. I've been rummaging at the recycle centre for jars and bottles while being easily distracted by wool and fabric of course. With L away I'm doing less craft work though, I need to spend quality time with the children. This weekend we're looking forward to the Peace festival being held at Riverside community.


My partner L now lives and works 3 1/2 hours drive away from us coming home for three day weekends. Because we're all in summer holiday mode it hasn't really sunk in yet as the kids and I are sleeping in, going to the beach and spending time with friends and family. I have noticed I'm alot more tired. I didn't really give L much credit for doing stuff around the house but have certainly noticed the subtle ways in which he helps in his absence. He's happy in his new job and hopefully the family (mainly me) will adapt OK. I think I may have to concentrate less on my hobbies and work though as the kids will only have me to turn to. I am a bit nervous as to how this whole thing will turn out. For me having alot more money doesn't necessarily mean being alot more happy, in fact I think it may turn L into a carbon omitting consumer judging by his weekend spending spree. He doesn't get it though.

Life in the backyard on the other hand carries on as it always has. Beautiful poppy seed heads ripening, promising delightful little black seeds for topping bread and baking.
Garlic drying well in the hot weather. Enough here for the family, pets, seed for winter and some to barter or sell.

This plant is new to me a friend gave it to me for Christmas she calls it "lambs quarters". Apparently the pink powdery leaves rub on as a pretty eye shadow or lipstick. I love new plants and this one is fun.

One more thing we had a killer hedgehog! One morning I went out to feed the chicks and found one with it's head eaten off. My thoughts were cats or stoats, but my neighbour popped her head over the fence later and told me her husband had heared the chooks making a commotion in the night and shone the torch over the fence, where he saw a hedgehog in our chook run chasing after the chickens. The next night he caught it after his chooks and did something very not Buddhist with a nine iron!


Celebrating summer

Rush, dig, rush,
chooks in the garden,
visitors coming,
kids hot,
floor dirty,
garden wilting,
sew, smile, sew,
plums saucing,
jam making,
water low,
garlic plaiting,
breakfast, lunch, dinner,
family ties and friendships.