Summer sleep ins

Doesn't feel much like summer at the moment because we have had so much rain, but the school holiday sleep ins are bliss.

The river is in flood and from the bridge I can see that our egg has been washed away.

My immune system has been battling bronchitis for a month now, I finally went to the Dr and got some antibiotics but am feeling really wiped out. Thank goodness the kids are really independent and my neighbourhood are really awesome. I've parented on my own for about 355 days this year, but thank GOD that so many wonderful people believe it takes a village to raise a child and when I need a little time out they are there for my children, with all their LOVE, generosity and compassion.
Thank you.


I joined the kiwi Christmas ornament swap this year, lovely ornaments have been arriving and are being added to our tree.
For my ornaments I turned to some felt, buttons, embroidery cotton, sticks, bells and beads to make little moreporks who are all hopefully perched on trees all over the country by now.


Historic places

Last week I got to visit a historic pa site with the kids. This Pa was a place where Maori stored their precious kumara to protect it from raids. I dont think alot of people here are aware of the history of our area, I'm really enjoying learning all I can about it.
The historic vibrations of this place are amazing.