Beautiful warm evenings invite adventrues, which are especially fun with a few extra kids and dogs.

We whizzed down the Mot river to give the dogs a run tonight, the birds overhead were making a horrendous racket! The red head and I looked down and he was about to stand on a nest! We took a quick pic and moved away, hopefully the birds will settle down again. We're not sure what kind of birds they are but we think they are the Black fronted tern.

Stone throwing, splashes, family, friends, barking, laughing, teasing.............
Things all the good memories are made of.


Flower said...

Its amazing how some species survive when they have nests like that one. Beautiful eggs though! Lucky spotting

Pauline said...

Yes, it was a black-fronted tern nest. They have tried to nest on this part of the river before, but were either scared away by people, dogs and vehicles, or washed out in a flood.