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Music of my Youth

36, 20 years since I was 16, 1989.
My teen is alot better behaved than I was 20 years ago. My goodness 20 years seems such a long time. Music takes me back. We were doing " Annie get your Gun" at High School. I loved Art, U2 rocked, I loved Led Zep, The Volent Femmes, Joe Satriani, Marianne Faithful, and I was going out with the postman's son ( naughty, naughty) about to go totally off the rails with a bad boy from Oamaru. I hitch hiked to parties and spent weekends with friends. I quit violin and began to wear leather. If I was my mother I'd have been totally insane with worry. I also quite fancied a red head for a bit. If I could go back to 16 I wouldn't change a thing! Except I'd be confident that I was awesome as me and I'd love myself a bit more. On the eve of 36 I adore my kids and move forward with no regrets! I treasure these kids for their gifts, how lucky am I to know them.

My school report read " Gillian is a walking jewelery display and likes to be involved in activities. Can be distracted by others.",

"Gillian is an expressive worker but demands a high standard of herself. This can inhibit work at times but over all effect is good."

Mrs Bolt told me I wasn't going to pass my school cert music exam, so when I did I rang her to gloat.

She is still there at the teen's school, my school councillor is now the acting principal. The crusty old History teacher now teaches my son computer studies and my third form English teacher who I quite liked for debates about anti vivisection now teaches my son 5th form English and he is totally uninspired. Go Figure!

I'd quite like to teach textiles. My younger cousin teaches PE. J*** said to the teen, "hey Teen have you seen the hot new PE teacher? Teen said Dude she's my Mums cousin"

Man I loved High school. Skatey boy is off there next year and i finally fit in with a few mums my age.

Skatey loves Art and music and is sensitive.

Watch out Gilly!


Late winter Sunday

Drizzly Sunday morning.
My big boys went off to play paintball, so I popped over to the "fabulous fibre and fabric fair", nestled in the centre of Nelson city in the historic building Melrose house, which reminded me of my Grandma's home where I spent many of my childhood holidays, big rooms with high ceilings and coloured glass. Dark wood and a tranquil air. Grandma's house was packed to the brim with family treasures though and memories of games like hide and seek, books and comics collected by 8 children, dress ups she made from Enid Gilcrist patterns and Christmas morning with 15 cousins from all over the country.

I came home with a gorgeous green toned pear pincushion from Sally Ann, some fabric for bags and some balls of sock wool.

Not wanting to spend my grocery money I left the lovely felted wool brooches behind.

I must put my head down and do some sewing and work in the glasshouse this week!


Pink collection

Last week I received a lovely parcel in the post from my "Heart in the country" friend Kim. A necklace she had made with matching pink earrings. Thanks again Kim it looks lovely on but I couldn't get a good shot of myself wearing it. I haven't yet mastered one arm self portraits.

It inspired me to collect up some pink items today as it was far too wet outside for gardening.
Actually I was surprised how hard I had to look to put together a pink collection.

My Remote Treechanger friend Linda tagged me a few days ago too, I thought I'd better say I really appreciate the gesture but I'm so hopeless at following those things up. It wouldn't be the first time I've failed to respond. SORRY :)


Garden notes August

The good old girls are laying pretty well. I only had to buy two dozen eggs this year to get me through their "going off the lay " or moulting period. I check the hen house about three times a day when I'm at home as the chooks get muddy feet at this time of the year and their eggs get dirty if left in the nest.The porous eggshell can absorb the dirt and muck so I like to collect them quickly. While I'm at it I walk around the garden checking out the early spring movement with warm eggs in my coat pocket, I can't wait to see some movement in the asparagus patch.
The red head likes helping with seed sowing
so we planted another lot of cress to put on the windowsill.

I'm doing quite a few sprouts as the garden only has leeks, lettuce, silver beet, hardy herbs and brassicas at the moment. My seed catalogue arrived though making me feel a little excited about the change of season.
There are still a flock of roosters in the glasshouse getting fat. My Dad has agreed to help me kill and pluck them within the next few weeks. I saw an idea in the New Zealand gardener magazine which sounds good for spring. That is to build a hot compost in the glasshouse to keep the spring seedlings warm. It sound worth a try I think as the seedlings in the sunroom are now threatening to take over.
Alot of pruning still to finish here, waiting for some clear weather. Must get out to the beach for some seaweed and past the horse paddock for a few bags of poo.
Roll on spring!