Music of my Youth

36, 20 years since I was 16, 1989.
My teen is alot better behaved than I was 20 years ago. My goodness 20 years seems such a long time. Music takes me back. We were doing " Annie get your Gun" at High School. I loved Art, U2 rocked, I loved Led Zep, The Volent Femmes, Joe Satriani, Marianne Faithful, and I was going out with the postman's son ( naughty, naughty) about to go totally off the rails with a bad boy from Oamaru. I hitch hiked to parties and spent weekends with friends. I quit violin and began to wear leather. If I was my mother I'd have been totally insane with worry. I also quite fancied a red head for a bit. If I could go back to 16 I wouldn't change a thing! Except I'd be confident that I was awesome as me and I'd love myself a bit more. On the eve of 36 I adore my kids and move forward with no regrets! I treasure these kids for their gifts, how lucky am I to know them.

My school report read " Gillian is a walking jewelery display and likes to be involved in activities. Can be distracted by others.",

"Gillian is an expressive worker but demands a high standard of herself. This can inhibit work at times but over all effect is good."

Mrs Bolt told me I wasn't going to pass my school cert music exam, so when I did I rang her to gloat.

She is still there at the teen's school, my school councillor is now the acting principal. The crusty old History teacher now teaches my son computer studies and my third form English teacher who I quite liked for debates about anti vivisection now teaches my son 5th form English and he is totally uninspired. Go Figure!

I'd quite like to teach textiles. My younger cousin teaches PE. J*** said to the teen, "hey Teen have you seen the hot new PE teacher? Teen said Dude she's my Mums cousin"

Man I loved High school. Skatey boy is off there next year and i finally fit in with a few mums my age.

Skatey loves Art and music and is sensitive.

Watch out Gilly!


Leanne NZ said...

Hope your birthday is a great day!

Our dd turns 16 - end of week, your post made me think back to my 16th year. WOW. I liked David Bowie BIG time, Cindy Lauper girls just wanna have fun!
Fond memories...

Love Leanne

Sandra - too heavy to stand on a soapbox, but undeterred said...

Great post Gilly. Loved lots of the details.

Melissa van Boekhout said...

Happy Birthday! You' d make a great textiles teacher! I was wondering If that might be me one day too actually....Hope you had a lovely day....

briar said...

Happy birthday to you doll!!! Hope your kids make it fabulous for you!

Anonymous said...

Classic school reports. My maths reports used to say, "Emma would do better if she spent less time on presentation and more time on solving equations." Guess I showed them!