Asparagus how I miss thee.

I popped over to Sandra's blog and read how she was cutting her first asparagus. I immediately missed my walks around my spring garden discovering what had bust forth after the rain. It's not quite the same checking up on my pots of herbs, though the kids and I bought a passion fruit  plant at the Nelson market a few weeks back which we're pretty excited about planting when the weather settles.

My semester is full on! I'm loving working on my art folio. Just between you and I, I wish I could put my entire effort into it, but planning for maths, literacy and music are very important too.  I'm learning the ukulele (did I mention that already?) and discovering lots about traditional and contemporary New Zealand art. I have fallen for the art work and social observations of Robin Kahukiwa who also wrote and illustrated one of my favorite kids books.  I can't believe how quickly the year is going. I've just turned another year older and the teen only has one more year to go before I have to stop referring to him here as the teen. Miss PJ is growing up fast too, nearly 11 already!