Thinking of the West Coasters

Some of you will be aware that my kids Dad works in a mine in Reefton. Friends and family started texting me on Friday evening to ask if he was alright? News had just surfaced that there had been a big mine explosion on the West Coast. For a few minutes our family was feeling a bit shell shocked as their Dad wasn't answering. A wave of relief swept over everyone though when he did answer his phone, he was in shock too for his fellow miners involved in the explosion at Pike river.
Our families thoughts and prayers are with the miners, all their families and the entire West Coast community.


Renee said...

So pleased to hear that your Dad wasn't involved in the explosion. So sad for all of the families that are affected by it, though. Just heartbreaking.

Gillybean said...

Thanks Renee, it's my four children's Dad that works down there, he's my ex partner but ofcourse he holds a special place as the father of my children. I can't imagine how devastating it would be for the kids to loose their father.

Melissa said...

Hi Gill, I haven't txted but I have been praying for your kids father, and your family. But gosh, what they must all be going through. iam so relieved for you all. Our thoughts and prayers are too on the west coast. Have sent you an email. :)