Wind and rain

We got our much needed rain today, a great excuse to do some sewing. Usually when I make things for myself they're too big or too small but this skirt was spot on. I only got the fabric yesterday, in a previous life it was a halterneck dress that didn't suit me at all. I over- looked it at first but when I didn't find any other goodies I bought it for $4. I'm so glad I did now cos I have heaps of tops it will go with.
I have to keep myself busy during storms because high winds really freak me out, the wind blew over my sunflower house and 3 out of 4 plots of corn but every thing else survived and is looking much better having had a good drink. I was very relieved when it stopped blowing that all our old sheds still had their roofs. I finished sewing up a woolly vest for the "red head" pity it won't fit him till he's four. That will teach me, I'm always too impatient to do a tension square.


melissa VB said...

awesome rain hey? my tomatoes got tossed around a bit, but not too bad! Awesome skirt and vest!

Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Better than fitting him when he was 1! If I tried to knit anything that would actually fit Hannah then she would definitely be grown out of it by the time I finished!

Love the skirt too. Gorgeous print.

Sally Anne said...

I don't like storms either.I love the skirt and the knitted vest.Your garden shed looks great!

Ahipara Girl said...

hello, i've spent the last two days flitting backwards and forwards over your blog. i love meeting kiwi crafters. hey i love this hoodie. can u remember the pattern u used. i have a small boy and would love to make it. also what yarn you used. i realise its two years ago, but its definitely a great knit. and thanks for a good read. i've enjoyed visiting.