Our water

I know I've posted pumpkin pic's before but I just love their form. This one is my favorite to eat called "Marina de Choggia" absolutely delicious to roast or make soup with.
Immature butternuts, can't wait for them either!

Another great thing about pumpkins is that you don't really have to water them once they're established. Water is so precious here at the moment, our area has water restrictions in place and even though we had a bit of rain recently our bore ran out of water in the weekend sending me into a panic and then a bit of a tantrum at L to get the plumber in immediately. We held off until this morning though, the plumber had to blast out our well to unblock it and lengthen the pipe so hopefully that will do the trick. He did advise us to start saving to put down a new well. Yet again I feel frustrated that the local council and government don't give loans or subsidy's to install rain water tanks, solar power etc. SURELY it would be a good investment in the future. L and I are not at all in the position to install a rain water tank or sink a well. I did suggest we have a hose going from the washing machine straight to the garden, in fact I even tried stuffing a garden hose up the outlet pipe myself but the pressure just blew it out. L replies with lots of reasons why things can't be done (I know there must be a cheap way). I shall just have to carry on with the bucket line up for now. Lucky a lot of the garden just needs to ripen now so will not need too much water. At the height of my tantrum (picture 34 yr old pouting and stomping) I threatened to put the house on the market and look for one in Murchison. (plenty of water, middle of nowhere)


alisonmc said...

The lack of rain blows completely. I know three people who have run out of tank water and we live on the West Coast for pity's sake! On the up side Murchison would be closer to hubby's work.

Anonymous said...

it's a hard one... it's hard doing the sustainable lifestyle thing and not really getting support from local body organisations. kate, www.fossage.typepad.com

Krista said...

Oh! I had a packet of these Marina de Choggia seeds in my hand today, I almost bought them but had to say "no". I had to say "no" to about 50 or so varieties of vegetables that I'd grow if I had about an acre more of garden space!

Your photos are making me regret my decision now though, those squash are amazing!