Beach bag.

The big kids have been away with friends this week so the two small ones and I have developed a routine that suits us all perfectly. Housework, sewing, knitting, gardening or visiting in the mornings. A wee nap for the children after lunch and the reward for not teasing or yelling at each other during the day is a trip to the beach about 10 mins from home. It's working so well I wish summer holidays could go on for weeks. Today I set about making myself a bigger beach bag, I was getting sick of carrying about 3 bags and one toddler down to the shade. It's big enough for towels, clothes, toys and food with 3 pockets in a row for keys, phone etc.

Watch this space for a bag giveaway soon.


Anonymous said...

wow - I would love to hear how you made this bag.
Kate/ www.fossage.typepad.com

melissa VB said...

I want one! Can you make one with a handle long enough to fit over the pushchair? And call it a nappy bag!

Melissa said...

fantastic bag! i love it- esp. the bright summery print. (it reminds me of a cool sun-lounger that used to be in my grandparent's back garden.) you make such great bags.