Finding a balance

Crafting and gardening seem to have taken a back seat in my world for a couple of weeks and when I stop long enough to realise it I get a bit resentful. I like to keep busy and involved with my childrens activities, work and volunteering but it seems it's all out of balance again. With the arrival of my seed catologues and a warm spell I want to be gardening not filling out forms and making phone calls. In the evening I'd rather be sewing than working on assignments! I don't quite know how to tip the balance back again either because I like to finish what I have started and committed myself to. I may try setting myself sacred crafting/gardening days which work and volunteering will not interfere with. I found this bag while op shopping last week. It's such a cute and simple design, I'm going to replace the fabric cos it's pretty stained, then I might have a go with L's skill saw to make a few extra sets of handles. The challenge will be to scedule in that free day in which to give it a go. At least I know I'm not alone it seems to be a recurring theme amongst busy Mums. My daughter PJ revealed last week her new favorite colour is brown not pink or mauve any more like all the other 5 year old girls, yay for being unique! I made her the skirt this afternoon when the rain set in outside, she'll be able to wear it to school this week and I feel a whole lot better for getting something other than paper/computer work finished.


melissa vB said...

I don't know how to do it either! I am always amazed at what you do achieve and manage time for! And I have severly limited myself in what I will do and get involved in. Please do set youreslf some you days! Then let us know how to juggle life, so we can do it too!

alisonmc said...

A five year old who doesn't want pink?! Shock! And yes, yay for being different.

I love the idea of making your own handles too. Very spiffy.