In my garden

So far the plan to seperate work and craft days is going OK. Tuesday was a craft day but my dear old angora rabbit "Snuggles" died. He was very old so it was a relief that he didn't have to endure any more of the cold weather, I will miss him though he was always there to talk to when I was in the back of the vege garden and loved to eat dock and chickweed while I gardened. He was a good listener too. Luckily a friend came by for a visit because I couldn't have concentrated on sewing anyway.

After work today I got about an hour in the garden to plant seeds and have a good poke around. The small children helped to sow pea, corriander and rocket seed and skatey boy covered a path with mulch. My old asparagus patch is getting some new babies this year, I was delighted to see these tiny spears poking up in a seed box. I've just about had my fill of winter veges and am dreaming of replacing brassicas and root vege for asparagus, salad greens and tomatoes.A peek at my new favorite bag. I fall in love with about one in every three bags I make, the lining on this one started life as a shirt, it looks much better in my bag. Somebody's getting all the vintage and retro fabric around here lately and it's not me. I'm getting withdrawal from the buzz you get having got an op shop or garage sale treasure. I settled for some fruity prints from the interior design shop today. They sell off bits from their sample books usually they're pretty awful but I found some with potential. Watch this space for fruity bags.

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alisonmc said...

Farewell Snuggles and sorry for your loss Gilly.

I'm very jealous of your garden and I really must get back to digging my dirt patch reading for some veg. I've never been able to grow coriander though - is there a special secret?