The kotuku may have been hunting these:

L went fishing on my birthday to try and get me a whitebait treat for dinner. Not quite enough for a feed yet but an encouraging start to the season.


Rennagayle said...

So...do you eat those? (picture wide-eyed horror here)

Gillybean said...

They're a delicacy! We make whitebait patties.Delicious though many people can't handle the thought of eating them whole. Sitting on the river with a net is a great way to spend a sunny spring day although in some parts of the country positions on the river are fought over, many whitebaiters go and live at their whitebait stand for the season.

Rennagayle said...

Thank you for your reply! You spurred me on to a Google search to find out more about whitebait. Wickipedia had a good article about whitebait, including the comment..

"Foreigners frequently react with revulsion when shown uncooked whitebait, which resembles slimy, translucent worms.

That was pretty much my reaction when I saw your picture, though I did find it fascinating. If there, I'm sure I would be willing to try them, though.

I love reading foreign (to me) blogs. It opens my eyes to a whole 'nother world out there! :-)

melissa said...

do you know, gill, i've never tried whitebait? i really must soon, to be true to my ethnicity and all. hope you had a lovely birthday! x

Anonymous said...


I grew up with whitebaiting - they are the ONE food I bend my vegetarian diet for.

Love them and love the smell of the river when you wash them.

xx Helen dayglo