Wonky week

The snow came down very low on our hills earlier in the week.
My beautiful brassicas are getting damaged by the frost faster than we can eat them. Then there wasn't alot of eating going on for a couple of days with half the family struck down by a tummy bug. It's been one of those weeks actually where nothing goes smoothly or to plan and I feel like I've totally lost my battle with having enough time to do everything. Skatey boy who usually plays the relativly safe game of soccor played rugby for the winter school sports tournament and broke his nose! His biggest concern was that I'll never let him play again. I really don't want him playing but it's got to the point now that he's passionate about it and who am I to stand in the way of a boy and his passion. Perhaps a few more broken bones will change his mind. It is such a rough sport though I really want to say no way! It doesn't help that my Dad and sporty brother think a broken nose is some kind of trophy wound and are stoked that he wants to play rugby. Actually I think impressing them might be influencing his decisions.
Before the week went all lopsided and off track I did a beautiful freezer paper stencil for my red head's t shirt. I'd have to say I'm really impressed with this technique and can't wait to do some more. I'm liking doing skulls, bats and spiders instead of flowers and hearts for a change too.


alisonmc said...

I can sympathise with the tummy bug!! Cute shirt, I've always wanted to try the freezer paper thing.

melissa said...

i love the bat shirt! you're thinking of great ideas for boy's clothes. i hope your son's nose feels better soon- ouch!