Pokororo Fair

We're a hive of activity here this week, while I've been sewing my partner has been building this great table, I think it's destined for the Pokororo Fair if we don't get too attatched to it. It's pretty quiet on the gardening front, I ran out thismorning when it started to rain to plant carrot seed as it's a good time for root crops after the full moon. It is time for me to do a bit of maintenence in the garden, I'd be embarrased to publish a picture of it at the moment. My neighbour has bought people over to see which I don't mind but I'm kind of embarrased that it looks so weedy. Hopefully they're looking at the sunflowers which are out or all the fruit and veges and not the weedy bits. There is still a lovely gentle rain outside just what that carrot and leek seeds need, it will really refresh everything else too. Hoping to see all my gardening friends at Pokororo Fair this weekend.

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