Tea tonight

A friend dropped me off some lovely fresh scallops for tea so I asked my 13 year old boy to go out to the garden and pick some things for a salad, I couldn't believe it when he came back and siad he couldn't find anything as he's a real salad lover. We went for a walk together and discovered we had plenty for a salad and some roast veges too. Although all the lettuces have gone to seed in the hot weather the Mesclun mix I scattered two weeks ago was just big enough to pick a few leaves, we found spring onions,beetroot, parsley and fennel as well as some really good sized parsnip to roast, I was particuraly pleased with them as they were self seeded. We got some gerkins too but will need to pick a few more before I can bottle them.
My moon calender says it's a good time to summer prune fruit trees so I'll finish them off tomorrow. I don't think the moon is right for transplanting but commonsense must prevail as the broccoli seedlings are drying out too much in their punnets, I'll try and get them in where the garlic came out. I'd like to get as many Autumn veges in as I can before the kids go back to school and the mornings and afternoons become crazy again.

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