We are going to have the pitter patter of little feet around her soon. The cat Bella had kittens two weeks ago and their eyes are just starting to open. I got home from Pokororo Fair the other day and went to look at them and they were gone! The cat was outside so I asked her "where are your kittens?" She gave me a very blank look and followed me to where they had been, another blank look and a meow. "Where are they?" I said. Then I started to panic, had the 5 year old girl put them in the bed? No. What if the dog got them? Oh no! "You're a stupid cat where are they?!" Thankfully the other half got home and calmly went round the house until he found them in another box under a bed. Thank goodness. So we are leaving her alone a bit she obviously doesn't like us picking up her babies all the time. Even more exciting is that Willow our little Jack Russel is expecting her first litter, I feel dreadful for her though as she looks so uncomfy already.

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