Green and Gold

Rudbekias in the front garden. Their display lasts for weeks. The only attention this garden gets is weeding when the weeds are nearly as high as your waist, I try and put some grass clippings on to slow down the weeds. Looking at the path entering the vege garden.
I was born in Aussie but the green and gold theme is purely by accident. Everything looks very lush after the recent rain. The sunflower by the fence is self seeded and probaly the tallest at about 9 or 10 feet. The beans to the left have done well up til the last week when they became infested with bugs. The Pumpkin in the middle has lovely big yellow flowers too and has set some good sized fruit, they are Austrian oil seed which have hulless seeds excellent for roasting and using in baking. Where I'm standing to take this photo I have put in a patch of broccoli and cauli, hopefully they'll survive the white cabbage butterflies and produce before winter, I lay down some beetroot flowers amonst them and hope the seed will germinate. Along the fence are cucumbers and tomatoes they are doing ok but have to compete for nutrients with the neighbours big trees. This evening I planted some corn plants I was given, it was just before dark that I put them in as the day was so hot. I pulled away all the sweet peas from the front fence, hopefully they have dropped plenty of seed for me. I'm trying to get weedy ground prepared to put in some more peas and some dwarf beans too, it may be too late for beans but I like to experiment for myself rather than rely on a book to tell me it's too late. Next week I'm looking foward to visiting the newly established Community Organic Gardens in Motueka,I can't wait.

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