Garage sale day

Coming from a thrifty family I love a bargin. Saturday is garage sale day, I write a list and off I go early Sat morning, some weeks are very exciting but most are just average or humerous like today. There are garage sale regulars: the dealers, the fat sisters, the creepy couple and the market guy I wonder how they refer to me? I often drag the kids around and only garage sale when I have some change. About 10 cars drove up and down Kina beach road today looking for the deceased estate sale, when they finally put the signs out it was a real anti climax, a lounge suite priced at $300 and a dinner set At $200 not to metion a few dull books and glassware. It makes me crack up watching the regulars race each other to a sale, I bet the cops could make their quota if they sat on the garage sale route each saturday. We whizzed back to Mot where I got Willow The fat Jack Russel, a dog bed for $3 and an informative herb book for $3 not that I need any more herb books really I'm just a bit addicted. When the rain stopped I planted some new seeds from http://www.egmontseeds.co.nz mostly brassicas like savoy cabbage and cauli but I'm testing my seed raising ability with delphiniums and primulas too. I put vermiculite on top of the seeds it's probably not organic but a friend gave me some to try and it's very good at keeping things moist.
As you can see Willow hasn't had her babies yet but she's due next Saturday so I think it'll be a quiet weekend at home. A friend of mine is due too bets are on that Willow will be first.


Janet said...

Thanks for leaving a comment. I'm really pleased to have found your blog; more gardening content, yes! By all means link to whatever you like. I'm interested too in seeing the difference between what grows in our gardens. And garage sales, love a garage sale (going, not having) or market or opshop.

Polly said...

Good for people to know.