Tantalizing treats

For the last few months we have had treats available to eat anytime in the garden, mostly berries. Each morning as I hang out the washing I watch these nectarines growing, the temptation was too much today and I tested the first one, it was pretty good but the earwigs had beat me to the centre of it and I had to shake about 6 out. We have espaliered this tree as well as a Nashi because we don't have much space, I may need to read up on the pruning technique as this tree is now three years old and I would expect the crop to be getting a bit heavier from now on. Unfortunatley my planning of fruit tress wasn't so good because the nectarine, Golden Queen and Blackboy peach will all be ready at once. This winter I will use a gardening voucher I got for Christmas to buy an early peach and maybe some apricots because I don't have the patience to wait for the seedlings I have to produce. The finches that have so enjoyed our sunflowers have also eaten all my greengauge plums while my back was turned, nevermind the crop will be bigger next year. In the recent rain all the brassica, lettuce, pea and bean seeds I planted have sprouted it's awesome to wander around the garden and imagine the harvest in a few months. If any of my local gardening friends want to come and dig up beetroot "bulls blood" seedlings please do as I have hundreds popping up. Anyone have good beetroot or zucchini recipies?

Couldn't finish this post without a picture of the babies, they're all getting fat. Willow is a very good Mummy.

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