Seasonal work

Our year follows a pretty similar seasonal pattern. We've just finished gathering firewood for winter. The focus now is on making some money out of apple picking to pay insurance,car rego, rates etc. So while L is out picking from dawn to dusk I have the four kids to organise day in day out. Where previously I had someone to share the work, now I'm it. It's only been two days and I'm having to sort out a whole new routine. Yesterday as I had my shower the little red head (18mths) wrecked the CD player. L was quite pleased because he didn't have to listen to Ben Harper as I got tea ready, but if we don't repair it I might go insane cos it's the best method of drowning out the noise of the middle two bickering. Speaking of going insane I've hurt my back, probably as a result of helping with the firewood, so I can only watch as the weeds get higher and higher in the garden. Being told to take it easy is kind of like a foriegn language to me. Usually if it is not suitable to garden I sew or bake or vacume but I'm having some time on the couch as a grumpy old misery guts. In an effort to count my blessings at least I can handle a bit of knitting and the puppy's are not pooping all over the floor, YET! Also the wee runt is still alive and should make it now as long as she doesn't have anything seriously wrong with her, she is the only one that still needs a home. We'll be very picky about where she goes.I will endeavour to show some pictures of my friends gardens 'cos there are only so many ways I can photograph weeds. The blackberries are mine though. The kids are making frozen smoothie iceblocks with them for when they get home from school.
Plant leafy producers this week, chuck in a few extra lettuces for me, I don't think I'll get any in.

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