The ladies at the op shop are just wonderful, I'm kind of a regular and they exclaimed "Gilly do you have some news?" when I picked this beautiful handmade baby gown out. No I don't have any exciting news but must admit I'm ever so cluckky. I'm sure it's a case of wanting what you can't have more than anything. I just can't resist handmade and antique baby clothes especially gowns. Before my Grandma died she and I would go through baby clothes she had made 60 years ago and choose things for my babies. When she died I picked out some items that were destined for the dump because they were falling apart, the buttons, smocking and embroidery inspire me and when I have the skills I want to create a memory quilt to remind me of our days spent waiting for my babies, knitting and talking. Marcie at the op shop said "what are you going to do with it?" Save it, hang it, show it. Maybe give it, one day when I let go of the thought of having any more babies. Talking about it to my friends, it's a hard phase of life to leave behind. A totally different kind of cluckky, mummy chook has nine babies. I still spend most of my free time visiting all the babies but have managed to pot up some seedlings and prune the hedge.

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