I love early spring when the asparagus pops up. We've all had enough of our winter veges and the summer ones are nowhere near ready. My last few weeks have been quite unsettled I've been a real grump to everyone and I'm not really sure why. My theory is that I'm trying to do too much and not doing a very good job at anything which really frustrates the perfectionist in me. I'm exhausted at times so have tried adding a bit more red meat back into our diet thinking I might be low in iron, but also I've become more aware of how many convenience foods have crept back into our diet lately and wonder if it's preservatives and colourings effecting me. I'm in denial about coffee still that will be they last thing I try to get rid of. So this week as I went round the supermarket I realised there were not many things that I could purchase which were preservative and/or colour free. Some things surprised me too like yogurt and Vegemite. It will have to be a gradual change and we don't need to be really radical about it. One thing I can do better is utilise the garden and store the produce for winter. Currently I bottle quite a bit of fruit and freeze berries and tomatoes but I'm going to make alot more effort this year including drying a lot more fruit as I've even noticed dried fruit is not just simple dried fruit, some have preservative added. Where before these activities were just a hobby I'm going to make more of a commitment to them. I have a good lot of seedlings started, tomatoes for bottling, drying and freezing, sunflowers to feed the chooks and pet rats. Wouldn't it be nice to have a machine to take the shells off them? I've also decided to grow more pumpkins this year, last years ones were beautiful but I ran out a wee bit early. Every day now I bring the seedlings outside the glasshouse to harden off, this time of year a Woofer would be very helpful.

Spring has inspired me to make some different coloured bags I still haven't developed another pattern that I like as much as this one. I have quite a few ready to sell now but am putting off approaching outlets. It's mostly nerves but I don't know if I want to turn a hobby into a business.


melissa VB said...

Hi Gill, asparagus yumm my favourite! Preservatives etc are a tricky one, particularly when you're tired and want something quick! Sunbeam raisins and Pams sulatanas don't have any preservatives or sulphates, just vegetable oil if that helps? Oh to have a dehydrator! I have aspirations of making everything including baked beans from scratch but at the moment MY energy levels are below par too! I have got a nice recipe for baked beans if you want it... I freeze them in serving sized amounts, I need a bigger freezer! Take care, have a nice break!

melissa said...

hope you're feeling better soon, g. trying harder with your own home-grown and preserved stuff is a great idea- but don't try to do so much that you are more stressed out for it. and keeping some treats for yourself (i'm thinking a daily coffee here) is so good and nuturing to the soul. i love your new spring bags, they're beautiful as always. xx