Motueka Market

Early frosty start this morning to set up a cake stall at the Sunday market raising funds for Playcentre. The crowds were pretty slow in coming, word is that everyone stayed up late to watch the All Blacks playing in the rugby world cup. I took some photos but realised too late that they all had people in them so I won't include them on this blog.
After I finished my 7-10.30 am shift I went to the HOTTEST COFFEE SPOT at the market for a flat white and to enjoy some people watching. The market is really buzzing with the arrival of warmer weather and lots of great food stalls so if you haven't been for a while it's definitely worth coming back. Make sure you stop here for great coffee and service! My partner L is not known for his thoughtfulness so it was a lovely surprise to receive this old tin full of buttons he found while searching for tools and old toys, it made my day. Motueka market has a great mix of car boot stalls, fruit, veges, plants and quality local craft. Thankfully for now not too many awful imported goods, I hope it stays that way. Supporting local food producers and crafts people is a step in the right direction towards contributing to the community and of course has the benifit of reducing carbon omissions. Ideals which are becoming alot more important to me these days.


andsewtosleep said...

Hi Gill
What a lovely tin of buttons - and already sorted into bundles. I'd love to see how you use them
Hope you and yours are all well

Kate said...

oh a tin of buttons, you must be in heaven - they're my favourite.

Melissa said...

oh- what a find of L's! i must get to that market- i haven't been in ages, thanks for the reminder. and they are some wonderful looking bags hanging up at that stall- coffee + crafts- my favourite!

osgoodpond said...


It's been 2 1/2 years since I left NZ and the Mot Sunday market was my favorite. Your stall was a frequent stop, along with some fresh samosas from Tom and partner. Please say cheers to Nina as I miss her eggs too! Cheers.

Mike of College Street