Ode to chickweed

Especially in spring when I'm out in the garden, I recite the bits of a poem my friend Elaine wrote for a course we were doing:

Oh chickweed your green-ness delights me
Succulently surrounding sprouting seeds
wetly nurturing their growth

Oh star lady all gardens you visit
Blessed is the gardner who values your magik
As you greenly grow over earth mother
holding nitrogen for her sake

Oh chickweed your earthy tang inspires me
constellations of pentacles burst from you
no cooking required for me to
indulge in your furtile feast

Oh starwort many are your favours
bringing smooth coolness to the heated and moisture to the dry
I wish you abundant and on going growth

Oh chickweed.

Confession: I talk to plants alot.

White blossom is the best thing in my garden this morning. I'm concerned I didn't see any bees hard at work amongst it. Last summer I heard the council announcing on the radio for people to report wild swarms so they could eradicate them to try and stop verroa mite from spreading. Great plan for the apiarist's in the region but what about all the home gardeners?

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Melissa said...

i love the ode to chickweed! i think a person who talks to plants is a lovely person indeed. happy spring to you, g!