Quick applique

Thanks to everyone for the warm wishes after PJ broke her leg. She is coping very well considering she cannot seem to get the hang of walking with crutches. We bought home a little wheelchair so that I don't wreck my back again moving her around. She has had parcels in the post and lovely visitors bring her little things to play with and colour in but seems to need me every half hour or so to help do something for her. I'm not a particularly patient person so it is testing me quite a bit. I have new found respect for parents of special needs kids. My Mum is a godsend. She's taken a day off work today to give me a little bit of relief. PJ adores being with her and she's much more patient and understanding than I am!
A friend requested a skull and x bones t shirt for a new born. I'm so pleased with the result. Instead of sewing the t myself I found a few white singlets at the op shop in fantastic condition and attached the applique to them. I prefer the little brown kiwi at the top, that image has been in my head for a couple of months when I was given the scraps of brown cotton. I hope they wash and wear well, I think I might even make one of those for myself. I do hope everyone else who is on school holiday break at the moment is getting a few moments to sew, craft, garden or steal a few moments peace.


Nikki (Mother of the Devil Child) said...

Very cool appliques! And sorry to hear about your daughter's leg. My (20 year old) sister has broken her collar bone and that's trying me enough! So well done on retaining as much patience as you have :D

Hello From The Daisy Patch said...

Hi there,
I'm knew to the world of blogging and have stummbled across yours. Just wanted to let you know that I enjoy the read and look forward to reading your blog in the future.
Happy Days to you,