Some sewing

Sewing day actually produced some results today. It took me several goes at getting the sizing right for some spring t's for my red head but I'm pretty pleased how they turned out. He's not at all keen on wearing the colourful ones, it might be the hood or perhaps he's been watching the way his sister behaves over clothes. I'm just happy the overlocker behaved itself for once and I didn't have to do any unpicking. If everything goes to plan I might even get in another day sewing tomorrow!
Garden's getting up to date: tomatoes in the glasshouse, peas and carrots planted, pruning finished except for one hairy boysenberry and at least halfway through the weeding.
Best achievement over the weekend: I got an assignment finished that I've been putting off for months. In the post today.

The chooks are rocking the boat a bit, flying over the top of a 1.8 metre fence to create havoc amongst my seedlings. If they weren't laying so well some of them would be shipped off to new homes. Bees have appeared and are busy in the plum tree. !!!!!!! SPRING!!!!!!


Melissa said...

i love the stripey tops! lucky red-headed son. you are so productive- i hope you get another day of crafting squeezed in this week.

Irish Sallygardens said...

Thats a lovely looking chuck against the blossom. Have you considered clipping their wings? Some feel its cruel but they can still flutter up on their roost and airlift if a creature alarms them. It does stop them disappearing over walls though!