Garden and giveaway.

Teenage son said "why can't we get veges out of packets, you know cut up or grated, like normal people"? I hope an explanation about unknown sprays, fertilizer and goodness deteriorating as soon as veges are picked will one day sink in. He's heared it all before and might be just winding me up but I'll be so sad if he grows up not sharing similar values. I told him we're normal and they're not.

I got a parcel in the mail today from Pherenike of Sunshine dew.

I'm really looking forward to a few quiet moments to read the magazines, my budget doesn't often stretch to magazines so that was a treat. Seeds as well, excellent timing, I'm itching to do some more planting. See the cool little packets with horticultural text.

And finally some new bags and I thought I'd pay it forward with a giveaway. A zip up wool bag with a doily and button. It will vary slightly from these two cos I hope they will both sell this weekend. Just drop me a comment.


Pherenike said...

Yay! Im so glad it arrived safe and sound. Enjoy.

I'm convinced Tansy is a wonder ingredient in my compost.

Anything you say or do between the ages 13 - 19 doesn't really represent who you are, because you don't even know who you are at that age. Its likely he'll thank you when he turns 30.

Te Araroa said...

Hi Gillybean

Your vegetables look mouthwatering - especially the peas, oh I love fresh peas ... I'm sure your boy was winding you up!!

Your garden looks really interesting, I love the way you have used every spare cm to grow food for your family.

I'd love to be included in the draw for a bag.

Heart Felt said...

I got my lovely parcel from Pherenike today too, what a wonderful lady! Your veges look amazing as does your garden. xx

ccia said...

Hi Gillybean!
I really enjoy catching up with your blog and garden - especially as I live in the top of the south too...checking out how your vegies are going compared to mine!!
Your bags are so cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi Gillybean,
I'd like to be included in your generous giveaway. I love the seeds packages like that.

Ruth said...

You have an awesome garden! I've bookmarked your blog for future reference, as sometime soon I hope to have a house of my own with a big vege garden. In the meantime I make do with containers!

Helen said...

It'll slowly sink in I'm sure :) Then they'll be saying the same thing to their kids...
Lovely bags :)