Our kids have been very busy this week with their school production practices and performances. For PJ it's twice as busy with her tap dancing show in the same week so we've had extra practices for that too. Add in sport and their Dad home to get them over excitable I've not had much time to breathe or think quietly.
Tuesday morning was very disappointing I went to put my little plant stall out by the road and found someone had stolen the beautiful money box L had made me. It had been attached very securely to the cart so they must have been pretty determined. I'm not so worried about the few dollars they got out of it I'm just disappointed at the thought that it might have been someone in our small community. Later in the day a parcel from Christy at Lil Bit Brit arrived in the mail and cheered me up a little. Thanks Christy, perfect timing. I'm not sure weather to put my stall out again I have quite alot of plants still but might find room in the garden for them. I will miss the pocket money though.
I've done about an hour sewing and gardening this week, it feels very odd. Worse still I can't actually think what I have achieved. Perhaps the children have had quality time with me I don't recall any yelling or stressing this week.
The sewing machine is making a funny noise, tomorrow it will get a check up. I strongly suspect that the red head has stuck a pin somewhere he shouldn't have.
Add a comment if you fancy a new bag, (see previous post) I'll draw it after the weekend.

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Christy said...

I'm glad the package arrived safely. The town of Brooklyn, how different that must be from the Brooklyn I know.

Your bags look lovely, and I think it's amazing that you get all that done. Gardening, sewing and child rearing and running a home.

I alway have such ideas for projects, but getting to them and completing them is another thing.

Do enter me in for your drawing.