Tracy is the winner. Thanks for commenting everyone, it is so nice to be introduced to new people and their blogs and to hear from old favorites who you wonder are they're still popping in for a visit?
I've had inspiration from a friend in the last few weeks and it's exactly what I need with my sewing machine away.
The spinning display at the school fair sparked an interest with my skatey boy. He hassled me until I got my wheel out and dusted it off. He spun some lovely crude wool. There is something very special about beginner spinner's wool the way it gets really fat and thin then very twisty and almost untwisted, gives it a great rustic charm. Teenage boy ofcourse couldn't resist a dig at younger brother I'm sure siblings cruel words must have a long term effect. Gosh it's tiring.
Anyway the wheel was out and I'd had an invite to get together to do some spinning yesterday so I guess it was inevitable that I would feel inspired too. In the 70s when we lived on a farm my Mum was a great spinner and crafter along with all the other things a farmers wife gets to do. I first learnt to spin after watching her wheel go round and round all my life when she was put in hospital for almost 8 weeks with complications of pregnancy which devastatingly resulted in the death of my younger twin siblings. I missed mum so much when she was away. I connected with her I guess by fiddling with her spinning wheel which I wasn't supposed to touch but I did lean to spin. She is a great crafty role model. Being with my group of friends yesterday reminded me alot of the get togethers I went to with mum as a child. Very enjoyable. Something about crafting with a group of women rather than on your own feels much more fulfilling. Afterwards I came home and dyed some mermaid coloured wool and sat up very late spinning.


Linda said...

I enjoyed your photos and your story.

Sandra said...

Very cool Gill. Beautiful story. The wya we connect through craft and then craft connects us is powerful in such a positive way.

Sally Anne said...

Lovely to meet you yesterday, and so good to know you are spinning again and teaching your kids...fantastic.

Stacey said...

Hi there,

I love to read your blog. I found this particular post was really heartfelt and powerful.

My mother used to spin, weave and sew when I was a child. I really love that I learnt so much from her, find it interesting to see myself gravitating towards all things handcrafted now in my life.

I would love to see what that gorgeous woll looks like spun! It is such a beautiful colour. What are your plans for it?