Smiley side up

I was going to sit down and write how I'm feeling low and lethargic, but I guess to dwell on those kind of feelings gives them more power somehow.
Instead I'm reflecting, I'm resting and I'm making a smile. I am blessed too. I have four beautiful healthy children, my own home, food in my garden and I made my first sale in my Felt Shop today. So what's not to be happy and energetic about? THANK YOU if you read here.

The garden is taking off. Last year's scarlet runners are popping up, zucchinis, cucumbers and tomatoes are flowering. Beetroot is being grated into salads, succulent peas packed into school lunches and the stink bugs are mating on the mustard. I need some pantyhose from the op shop to start tying everything up. We had very strong wind yesterday which flattened lots of plants and ripped a window off teenage son's bedroom, frame and all. No insurance wood too rotten.

I spun the mermaid coloured wool, it's not plied yet I'm trying to decide weather I should ply it onto itself or spin some white or gray to ply it with. I have plied up some adorable forresty green I wish I had enough for a jersey for skatey boy but I think there will only be enough for the red head. It's waiting to be washed and wound up. So can you tell what I did all weekend?


Sandra said...

That is very beautiful wool Gill. Hope you get some more energy soon.

Fingers crossed for you that you have friends with tools to help you fix the window. Our wash-house window ripped off like that in the big winds of this time last year. We were lucky that friends had the tools to enable my husband to fix it. Even then, with new glass and bogging stuff and paint, it was costly. Still much cheaper than paying a tradesperson to make and install a new one.

Heart in the country said...

What gorgeous colours in your wool.

Heart Felt said...

Congrats on a Felt sale, that is great news. Such a positive way to see things when you are feeling low - good on you, kind thoughts with you. xx

Linda said...

That is a lovely post despite your feelings. I have been the same.

I have an award for you!

Sandra said...

Gill would you consider spinning and dyeing some wool to sell? It is very beautiful and I'm wondering about whether you ever play round with reds. I'm going to knit a vest for my toddler daughter next and I'd love to knit it in something as gorgeous as the wool in your pictures.