Yeah Ha

Yay for the first day back to school euphoria! 3 kids out the door with no fuss. 1 off to Montessori for a full day. Wicked! He was very particular, had to have his sunhat and sunglasses but threatened to cry and lay a guilt trip when I dropped him off but with a skillful bit of cajoling I made it out the door!

I got a wee taste of being me before I got whoopsie pregnant with the red head four years ago, it all went back to zero with a new baby. These child fee days seemed such a long way away but it hasn't been long really and I miss my babies, but I went swimming! I did heaps of lengths. When I got out I was weak and pathetic but I'm going to do an hour a week at the pool. Hopefully I can fit in some walking or biking too. I haven't done any exercise since I was at high school and am really looking forward to it. It's getting priority before the garden and craft cos I can't do either if I'm a slob.
Saved seeds- Indian red corn, cannelloni, horticultural bush beans, strawberry popping corn.

Even had time to poke a few late seeds in. I know the moon's for liquid feeding but better late than never. I collected some seaweed from kina beach on the way home . I had to check out my uncle's bach, it's a lovely wee holiday rental , check it out if you want to stay in our beautiful region.


Christy said...

hope the spray issue resolves itself. those seeds are gorgeous! saving seed is not something i've done purposefully yet but am defintely aiming to.

having a big garden is very cool, and am enjoying the establishment process a lot, although it is quite a tricky site, being hilly and windy, with quite a thin layer of topsoil. it can suck up time very fast! today i thinned, fertilised and mulched raspberries, spent the whole day doing it and only did half...

my oldest starts school in three weeks so am looking forward to a bit more time with only one to look out for, enjoy your space!!

Cate Bruce-Low said...

these seeds are beautiful. congratulations! and, what a pretty blog you have, too.

xoxo, tribeca yummy mummy