Where are my scissors?

None of these scissors are the ones I'm looking for. Like my grandmother I'm very protective over my scissors. I have been known to scream upon seing someone else using them especially the current cutting favorites which I cannot find today. L and I nearly fell out once when I caught him using some to cut gasket paper when restoring his vehicle.( The grey handled pair from memory) Also asking me "why?" when I've just caught you in the act is not a good idea it usually triggers some manical ranting. So I've spent most of the afternoon looking, found quite a stash of retired sewing scissors and pinking shears, but not my supreme cutting pair. It's causing a little anxiety.
oh look there they are in the previous post. Damn why can't I find them at home.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, I just stumbled across your blog. I am crazy about my scissors too. My husband is afraid to cut anything unless he asks.