Notes from a negligent blogger

Sometimes I compose really good blog posts in my head but they're long gone by the time I sit down. I'm very impressed by bloggers who can make even things like cleaning the oven sound fascinating, I should have payed a bit more attention during English at High school instead of filling a folder full of notes between my best friend and I or planning the weekends antics.

With the garden, I totally peaked at the wrong time so that when the planting moon was good I was exhausted. I got a few more seeds in but became disheartened as a few bad chooks escaped and scratched all the compost away from new plantings of lettuce, sunflowers and garlic. Everything needs weeding badly too.
Also each day I've noticed plants slowly going into decline along my back fence line, making me madder and madder. This morning I wrote a letter to the arrogant orchidist responsible and took photos as proof. As you can see he's been very heavy handed with "round up" possibly spraying it deliberately on my plants. It has damaged the mother wort, mugwort, some raspberries, a rose and grass on my side of the fence. All will recover but that's not the point. I have investigated and it's an offence under the pesticides act for his spray to go onto my property.

The plants are affected by going yellow at their tips. You'd have to lift your spray pretty high to contact the mugwort.
I'm so angry that i don't have words for it!

I'm working on letting it go and have done some sewing to make me smile.

PS. I looked for labels for this post and decided my "thinking" posts would for the most part be more appropriately labeled "ranting"


Nikki said...

Ooooo annoying spray. Grrrrr.

Love the sewing though... hope it made you smile.

I confess to having a 'rant' label. And a 'rambling' one :D

Heart Felt said...

Oh! You must be gutted! Bad, bad spray! Like Nikki, love the sewing...xx

Christy said...

seems like some quite unnecesary spraying on his part . is it a commercial orchardist? - under our bylaws up here if someone is using an agrichemical spray within 50m of a property boundary they have to notify the neighbours within a time frame that is previously agreed - at least 24 hours before it occurs, and provide a 'spray plan' to all potentially affected parties for each year (which lists what they will use, and when they will use it). we do this for our vineyard, it should be pretty similar for down there. it doesn't mean that you can object to their spraying per se, but should make them more aware that you know your rights, and maybe make them think twice about spraying the boundary if they have to notify you...

cheers, christy

Anonymous said...

That spray would be a pain. I'm glad you could vent with some constructive (and lovely) sewing.