I really must learn to use my camera properly so I might be able to capture how beautiful the light is. These photos don't do our midwinter sunrise justice but I wanted to post some. We got up early and drove to Ruby bay for sunrise, it occured to me that most of the sunrises I've witnessed have been here on this beach. We camped here alot when I was a child so it's a very special spot for me. I've sat here desperate in tears, round a fire with friends and sometimes just to contemplate life. My older children have seen sunrise here before but it was very exciting for the littlies. We looked for the seven sisters. I'm certain I found them but all the stars looked bright to me. We talked about why I'd dragged them out of bed so early and we made an offering. For awhile we snuggled in our blankets and drank hot milo then listened to the birds waking up while looking for toggles at the high tide mark. As a youngster I walked alone alot following the river through the bush, saying hello to fantails, moreporks, lizards and water rats. I use to stop and talk to a giant totara and ran screaming at my Dad when he started chainsawing down a Kahikatia for firewood. Thismorning reminded me I miss it.

Found this to refer to for fishing and planting.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful pictures. It's sounds like a great way to start the day and the New Year.

Helen said...

Lovely post, we can't see the sisters where I am but next year we might go to Stone Henge in the Wairarapa. I must plant my garlic :)

Me said...

I love this post...isn't it wonderful how nature provides the strongest of childhood memories and feelings. It looks like a stunning spot. What a beautiful and wonderfully symbolic thing to do with the children.
I'm curious though...what are toggles?

Ryan said...

I love the simplicity of the picts and post. New Zealand has this certain serene magic about it. Something that I did not see until i left.
I used to live in ruby bay. At the pottery.