Felt flowers

Think I have got "french knots" sussed now with this wee consignment of brooches for a local craft co-operative shop.
Have had my head buried in soppy novels since last post. Trying to avoid thinking at the moment. Too much going on, trying to figure out direction, passion and priorities. Well life actually.
Will be sure to let you know if I figure it out.


rhiannon said...

these are so, so cute! I'd snap one up in an instant.. wish I still lived in nelson!

Kez said...

They are so cute!!

alisonmc said...

They're cute!! I love the colours too and your packaging is very professional.

andsewtosleep said...

I love these - so pretty. Say Gill ...if you get this whole life thing sorted please let me know how you did it. I spend most days pondering on the subject??
Mary x

Anonymous said...

The felt flowers are beautiful. When you get everything figured out, can you please tell me the secret.
Have a great day.

Me said...

Your brooches are just lovely! There must be something in the air because mooching and seesawing over direction, passion and priorities seems to be happening a LOt in this part of the world too.

Christy said...

Life is always moving forward and one has to take time to think. I very much love your felt pins for the show. How lovely with the French Knots on, creative.

Candyce said...

I love the felt floweres and I too would snap one up! I like how you have them on the card too. They are sure to be loved

jasmine t said...

Hello Gilly!
Beautiful felt flowers!!!
Tell me more about the craft co-op!!
Hope your keeping warm!!
Jasmine xx