Garden notes June, updated

As we approach midwinter I was amazed to find a green pepper in the tunnel house today. Note to self: plant more into tunnel house in late summer. Moon calender says good for planting so put peas in for spring. Looking longingly at the raspberry canes, they're due for a good pruning. More garlic needs to go in at solstice. Amazing winter weather, no rain for about 6 weeks since girl drowned in Motueka river. Very surprised local Iwi didn't place a tapu on fishing, or bless the river.

Need to complete pruning of fruit trees over next 4-6 weeks. Would like to give stone fruit a copper spray, their productivity was very average last year.

In response to comment: As I understand it, copper is an acceptable organic alternative to dangerous pesticides, used for about a century. It is used as a fungicide on fruit trees. Last summer I had quite a bit of leaf curl in two of my peach trees and the fruit went on to develop brown rot. It has been suggested to me that copper spray might help while the trees are dormant and then again at first sign of bud movement. Other strategies I've tried are under planting with garlic and spraying with dilute seaweed. I picked off alot of the leaf curl and burned it and am also raking up the leaves and shrivelled brown fruit now they have fallen off. If I was choosing trees again I would go for older varieties which have more resistance to disease. My seedling "black boy" peaches didn't suffer at all. Please leave a comment if you have any ideas/strategies about brown rot in stone fruit. Also I'm living in fear of silver leaf, which I think slowly kills fruit trees. I suspect a greengage I bought last winter has been showing signs of it. (silvery looking leaves) If it appears this spring I shall have to take out the tree I think so it doesn't spread to my other trees.


alisonmc said...

Copper spray? What's that about? Why do you do that?

Christy said...

Koanga gardens uses 'cutonic copper' (uses 1/3 less copper than normal), when i went to a pruning workshop there they also seemed to think that leaf curl was mostly just a cosmetic problem, but the brown rot was non-exsistent in my trees after spraying them once with copper when they were dormant, planning on doing again this year.