Being a teenager's Mum.

I think I've figured out how to keep the teenager happy and stay sane. Every other night after tea bake muffins for the school lunches, banana and chocolate chip are popular.
Several nights a weeks get all the kids into the car just as the moon is coming up and pick the teen up from sport. Let the littlies out to run around in the dark on the soccor pitch as the frost begins to settle. ( That will stop them fighting in the car while we wait)
Finally on Friday night let all the mates come over to hook their lap tops together to play games and eat you out of house and home. At 2am remind them they have sport in the morning and maybe should sleep. Next day when sport is finished feed the stragglers. Then to avoid looking at all the computers, wires, junk food, sleeping bags and smelly but lovely boys in your lounge room - go out to the garden, plant garlic, prune the plum tree and weave a fence.


alisonmc said...

That's what being a good mum is ;)

Anonymous said...

Banana choc-chip muffins are great for keeping the whole family happy but the teen boys can really get through them.

I love your woven fence, purposeful and quaint.

Have a great day.

Jean said...

We used to have 4o'clock pasta/pizza when ours were at the voracious teenager appetite stage. And then they moved on to reading recipes - only we didn't have any walnuts so he substituted with onions...for brownies! Even the dog wouldn't eat it!