Garden notes June 08

Got a big bale of pea straw for mulching. Half the garlic is planted. By traditional moon calenders the moon is not right but I'm experimenting this year with planting it at Matariki which is Maori new Year. You can read more about it here. The kids and I are getting up early tomorrow to see if we can spot the seven sisters constellation at the beach. I don't even know where to look but it seems like a fun way to greet the New Year. I want to see for myself if the constellation is bright because it signals a good growing season and I may have to rely on my garden this year more than ever.

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Helen said...

Oh must put my garlic in too! We can't see the seven sisters where we are as the hill blocks them. I'd love to go to the Wairarapa Stone Henge for Matariki.