Count blessings

My bad mood nothing's working mojo ends today! It's been one of those weeks in the kitchen, the garden and at the sewing machine. Thank you to my blog friends for the constant stream of new comments on my blog I often try to reply but am unable to. I always check out your blogs though and have alot of "favorites" to catch up on in the school holidays. Thanks to my local friends who've called and visited and listened to my moaning. I'm not having any more bad dreams about the upcoming Education Review office visit to Playcentre, what will be will be. Just remind me to count my blessings every now and then please.
Do you like my wooden spoons? They were my Christmas present to myself from local woodworker PJ Heath. The long one is especially fabulous for preserving. You can find him at the Pokororo Fair and the Motueka Market.
I put the call out for a Sweet Chilli Sauce recipie. ( Thanks Mum)This is a beauty.

20 oz Sugar
20 oz Red Peppers
6 oz Chilli peppers
2 cups white vinegar
1 cup water
5 large cloves garlic
1 packet of jam setting mix
2tsp salt

Process chilli, peppers and garlic until pulpy. Heat vinegar and water disolve sugar and salt in it. Add pulp and boil 10 minutes. Add setting mix and boil til thickens about 10 mins. Bottle into sterilised jars. YUM.


andsewtosleep said...

All I can say is... that if you can produce such delicious-looking chilli sauce when in "low mood" - you are one impressive person. When things are ugh for me I sometimes just stay under the duvet! Not in the least productive. Thanks for posting recipie - I 'm certainly going to try this one. Mary

melissa said...

yum- thanks for the recipe!
...and the reminder to count my blessings, much needed today. :)