What a score

Can you believe the dealers over -looked this clock? I put it on the most disgustingly dusty shelf in the house but I'm so loving it. It didn't have a key to wind it but L managed to wind it and it has a beautiful chime and keeps great time. $6 Yay didn't even break the budget! The weekend garage sales were a bit of a let down except for this. I can't understand how the dealers get to every house before me and then I waste time coverting what they've got! Arrrah. Caught up with some good mates though, the garage sale scene is really taking off here, there use to be about 5 of us but last weekend there were about 12 cars racing each other round.
Meeting tomorrow for the Education Review Office visit to Playcentre, then head down bumb up finishing stuff for the Easter Fair. Hopefully the grumpy teen will give me a break for a few days, it seems I'm the baddest Mum ever because I think an English assignment is much more important than computer games. Currently we're at a stand off he won't read and I won't let him play games. I can still make him smile when I tell him he's georgous though so all is not lost. Help does anyone have a manual on teenage boys?

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andsewtosleep said...

Hi thanks for your comments on my blog. Love your clock. The garage sale thing sounds wonderful. We don't really have many over here. I lived in Canada ages back and they had lots of them. Probably where I learnt to recycle. Good luck with your teen - I'm on my third. Thing is, when you look close you can still see that sweet child who makes your heart skip?