After Easter

It's a relief have Easter over and done with. Schools out, we can sleep in and blob around. Visitors come round and there's not a time limit on anything, don't have to get home in time for anyone after school and don't have to get up and organise anyone. The kids have lots of friends over so the house is full some days but the best part of that is that they go to their frinds house too so it's empty sometimes. My mission for the holidays is to clean up and dung out the house. I made a tentative start on Monday going through all my clothes and the baby stuff. I tried not to get too emotional about it all, just looking at baby stuff makes me cluckky ( I had baby dreams last night) but I don't want to keep so much stuff. I'm not a clean and tidy person by any stretch of the imagination but I do find myself getting miserable as the hallway and craft room pile up with stuff. Also I really enjoy giving to people now, I use to try and sell everything but get a real buzz out of giving now. After all money just passes through the purse too quickly, I've already spent all my takings from the Easter Fair. We had a lovely day at Mapua on Sunday, the weather was perfect and the Easter Fair was popular as usual. I love to walk round and see what new ideas people have come up with since the last Fair. A huge house bus was parked down from us selling beautifully crafted wooden furnature, these butchers blocks took my fancy. I also found some handknitted then felted bags, I wish I'd had my camera as I've been thinking about making myself one this winter. My stall didn't look as good as it usually does, I still havn't figured out why it didn't come together nicely.I think I need to figure out a good way to display bags and probably book L his own site for Manuka seats, he sold three. Also I had a friends T shirts on my stall which was probably a mistake as they take up alot of room. I caught up with lots of friends and sat quietly in my friends coffee cart watching her run off her feet, by 3 o'clock talking to herself "flat white, flat white, flat white" so she'd remember what she was making. It's still making me smile three days later. Market folk are great.


andsewtosleep said...

The pics of the "fair" look just lovely. I suppose the nearest we get to this is a craft fair - but what you describe sounds much more interesting. Enjoy the rest of the holiday. Mary

melissa said...

oh it sounds like a lot of fun! I think your stall looks great- i have the same problem with displaying my bags but i think your's are great hung fromt he table like that. i was very sad to miss it last sunday- there was a family party to go to- so I was sad not to meet you.
Maybe next year?